Friday, August 6, 2010

Return of the blog

Heya Folks,

I've not been very good at this blog stuff lately. Here's some new stuff to zap some life back into this thing.

A treasure huntin' ale swigging dwarf thrilling the tavern patrons with a story of one of his many harrowing adventures.

Here's a pencil crayon drawing of a British Bulldog. A gift for a dog owning friend.

Lately I've been fascinated with pulp fiction art. Particularly the Sci Fi girls in spacesuits and glass dome helmets.

So that's how Super Grover got his powers...

I've been trying to encourage a stubborn friend of mine to ride his bike more often. Here's some motivational art designed to inspire.

April O'Neil. I drew this while watching the original Ninja Turtles movie on VHS with the same friend pictured above. Why yellow jumpsuits never really caught on in woman's fashions I'll never know.

A bit of Mass Effect 2 fan art. Inspired by my character, Starkey Shepard.

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